Krasi Bozhinkova

I’m Running Up For Air to raise money for clean air action activities.

On 31 July, trail runners across Europe will be running for 3, 6, 12, or 24 hours and aiming for a maximum vertical gain. Air pollution is the world’s largest environmental health threat. Poorer areas and those that house some racial and ethnic groups face higher levels of traffic density and are disproportionally harmed by this invisible killer. Children who live or go to school near roads with heavy-duty vehicle traffic face twice the risk of respiratory problems as those living near less congested streets. But it doesn’t need to be this way. If we cut air pollution we could prevent 50,000 deaths in Europe, every year. Breathing clean air should be a basic human right. That is why I am taking part in this endurance challenge. Please help me to raise funds for 18 environmental groups fighting for clean air.

My Updates

I did it!!!

Saturday 31st Jul
I did it!! It was a struggle to fight the rain and the strong wind, and gain elevation on the trail path near the beach in the Hague, but I wasn't going to give up because of it! 

3 hours - 23km - 210m elevation gain

Running 27km

Monday 12th Jul
When Covid-19 hit last year, I had just started a completely new business venture. Then everything changed in a way I had never imagined. 

Running longer distances became a way for me to cope with the increasing pressure of the unknown. How do you launch something new in the midst of a pandemic? I had no idea, but I knew it is going to be hard. If I wanted to find out how hard, I had to push myself to do something that I have never done before. 

In the past, I used to run regularly but only up to 10km. I have never gone beyond that mark. Somehow, I had a mental barrier, an invisible line that I wasn't prepared to cross. Only now I decided I have to do it. 

I completed the distance of 27.34 km on July 4th. It was tough, especially the last 340m. But what I experienced is that it was much more difficult to begin than to cover the distance. Once I was out and running, it was a matter of being patient with myself to go through the end. I knew I would hit some rough patches along the way, but it was ok as long as I told myself that the invisible line is not at 27km; it is much further than that. 

/a well-deserved rest after I finished running/

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Beemup Team

Great goal Krasi! We will be cheering you on virtually :-) Your friends at Beemup!


Kalin Georgiev


Zornitsa Kasabova

You go girl💪🤗😘❤️


Krasi Bozhinkova