Jacob Strong

We all have a part to play

It's time to stand up as a voice for what I believe in.

As someone who is passionate about defending the natural world in which we inhabit, I am sometimes left feeling insignificant as to how I personally can make a difference.

I am prepared to put my body on the line for our Earth.

So I have chosen to Run Up For Air.

On 31 July, trail runners across Europe will be running up mountains in order to raise awareness and funds to fight for the quality of our air.

As our Earth is being suffocated from human impact, so too are humans suffering the costs of air pollution. Every year, millions of people die from breathing in toxic air.

Clean air should be a basic natural and human right. Our health and the health of our Earth are intrinsically connected.

That is why I am taking part in this endurance challenge.

Over 3 hours, I will be running up some of the highest peaks in Portugal in the Serra da Estrela.

It has been quite some time since I last ran - let alone on a mountain trail - so it will be necessary over the next 6 weeks to put the training wheels back on.

We all have our part to play.

If this message resonates with you, either put on those running shoes or lend me your energetic support.

Please help by raising funds to this cause and sharing with your social networks.

Much love and fresh air


Thank you to my Sponsors


Jack & Jess Weaver

Enjoy the challenge bro 🙏✨


Vi Dv

Good luck for the run and awesome challenge :)


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Jacob Strong



Good luck Jacob you got his!