Dan Holloway

Running up for Air

On 31 July, I will be joining trail runners across Europe will be running for 3, 6, 12, or 24 hours as part of Patagonia's Running Up For Air. We will be aiming for a maximum vertical gain, to help raise funds for 18  environmental groups fighting for clean air.

As I'll be running in Oxford, vertical gain is probably going to involve a lot of horizontal gain - about 33 kilometres distance for a kilometre of height, given I have to get down as well as up! But it will probably also involve a lot of bad air as well, which is thoroughly in the spirit of things!

My Updates

1053m elevation on Shotover Hill

Saturday 31st Jul
It IS possible to get over a kilometre of elevation gain in Oxford, but it requires a LOT of repeats!!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Dan Holloway


Mo Schoenfeld

Great cause - good luck & hope it's a great run!


Henry Hyde

Good luck!


Dan Holloway