Environmental Groups

Together we are raising awareness and funds to support 18 environmental groups who are campaigning for better air quality across Europe.

Cittadini per l'Aria


Cittadini per l'Aria is building a community to enable Italian people and organisations to play a role in improving air quality at a local, national and European level.

Genitori Antismog


Genitori Antismog was founded in Milan following an environmental emergency. The resulting excess smog highlighted the extreme pollution in the city and caused many citizens to protest these dangerous conditions. Over the years, the association has supported many initiatives to improve the environmental conditions of the city, raise public awareness and make the city air safer to breathe.

Coll'Air Pur


Coll'Air Pur is carrying out studies in the Vallée de l’Arve to identify dangerous pollutants in the air and to raise awareness of their risks within the local community. The group works with local authorities and governments on regulations to prevent the release of these hazardous materials.



Inspire acts for the respect of the environment, air quality, the climate and for public health, especially faced with the harmful effects of road traffic in the Mont-Blanc area of the Alps.

The Stay Grounded network


The Stay Grounded network works on a global level to reduce air traffic and build a climate-just transport system. As part of this project, the German-based association Terran wants to spread the message of choosing cleaner forms of travel.

German Zero


German Zero is committed to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees, as pledged by Germany and nearly every other nation in the Paris Climate Agreement. This will only be possible if Germany becomes climate neutral by 2035, so German Zero is working with experts to develop a legislative programme for solutions to reach this goal.

Bündnis Bürgerenergie e.V.


Bündnis Bürgerenergie e.V. stands for a regenerative energy transition geared towards decentralized structures that corresponds to democratic, social and ecological values. Their foremost idea is that of sustainable management and the organisation imparts knowledge to different playmakers in the community so that they can continue to shape their own future away from large corporations – concentrating on sustainability.

Friends of the Earth UK


Friends of the Earth UK is part of an international community dedicated to protecting the natural world and the wellbeing of everyone living here. The organisation is committed to the ambition of each upcoming generation enjoying a safer climate and healthier air, water and food.



ClientEarth is fighting for everyone’s right to breathe clean air across Europe by bringing cases against local and national governments, pushing for more ambitious laws and raising awareness about the widespread risks of air pollution.

Hnutí DUHA

Czech Republic

Hnutí DUHA promotes a healthy environment, diverse nature and a smart economy across the Czech Republic. Every year 11,000 Czech people die prematurely due to air pollution. Hnutí DUHA is campaigning for the government to move away from coal as a source of energy and to increase renewable power sources in households.

Limity jsme my

Czech Republic

Limity jsme my is a grassroots organisation protesting against the mining and burning of coal in the Czech Republic and beyond. Resolving causes of the climate crisis, supporting clean energy sources, protecting the health and homes of the public and seeking justice for those affected by mining are all focus areas.



Campax works to protect and advance open democracy standing for a fair and green economy and a society founded on solidarity and compassion. This progressive organisation campaigns for relevant issues and aims for a society in which all live with dignity and freedom. A cornerstone of this mission is an environment which is intact not only for this generations but for generations of the future.

Friends of the Earth Ireland


Friends of the Earth Ireland partners with other groups, both in Ireland and globally. Their ambition is to conserve a diverse planet, steward resources and improve conditions for both current and future generations.

Climate Case Ireland


Climate Case Ireland is the name of the legal action undertaken by Friends of the Irish Environment (FIE). It’s the first case in Ireland in which citizens are seeking to hold their government accountable for its role in knowingly contributing to dangerous levels of climate change.

Protect Our Winters (POW)


Protect Our Winters (POW) is a community of athletes, activists and committed companies focused on climate protection and working to bring about changes to society, economy and politics in Switzerland. The objective is to protect the Alps from the negative impacts of climate change.

Collective Climate Justice


Collective Climate Justice is a Swiss organisation that uses mass action to draw attention to environmental destruction and promotes systems change.



Urgenda played an important role in the world’s first successful climate case. The group aims for a fast transition towards a more sustainable society with the focus on a circular economy using only renewable energy.



Fossielvrij has been combatting the power of the fossil fuel industry and aiming for a more just society since it was founded. One demand is that Dutch universities, towns and pension funds stop investing in the fossil fuel industry.



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